Catholic Charities

About Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph is celebrating 140 years of service to the community, covering 27 counties, 15,000+ square miles, and a population of 1.55 million people.  Our work is encapsulated in the phrase To Serve & Lift.  At Catholic Charities, we take direct action to relieve our client's anxieties and remove their burdens while simultaneously seeking to lift them to the dignity of self-reliance.  We do this through a unique process where all clients are initially engaged through our Welcome Center and then escorted through to services and programs best reflecting their needs.
Welcome Center - The Welcome Center is both a physical and philosophical point of entry.  Here, a resource specialist greets clients, listens to their needs, gathers information, and through a focused conversation, determines obstacles hindering a person's path to self-sufficiency.  It is also where we deliver emergency assistance such as food, clothing, hygiene, products, diapers, formula, utility and rent assistance.
Children & Family Services - Caring for children and families is embedded in our founding DNA, stretching back 140 years to our launch as St. Anthony's orphanage.  Today, serving the family remains an essential duty - adoption, parenting support, child development, and disability ministries encompass our offerings.
Employment Services - Work has a fundamental and decisive role in our lives.  Saint Pope John Paul II referred to it as "the key to making life more human (Laborem Excercens).  Basic job skill training, resume creation and development, interview skills, actual one-on-one employer interviews, plus job retention strategies, comprises the surround services we offer to those seeking the dignity of work.
Housing Services - A foundational service at Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph is housing - permanent housing.  While there are shelters and transitional housing throughout our diocesan service area, and we partner with those providers to help individuals avoid the pain of homelessness, we are committed to getting and keeping people in long-term housing.  This is especially true for our veterans, those who have sacrificed and served our country.
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