Buildings and Grounds Committee

Meeting Minutes from July 11, 2022

Building & Grounds Committee Meeting 7/11/2022 (new notes in red)

Travis Unzicker (Chair), Leroy Davis, Craig Mattox, David Wyble, John Modlin, Patrick Lile and Fr. Hansen.

Opening Prayer

Energy Report

Travis presented charts showing usage, to be updated annually or quarterly.

Budget Report

Need to start budgeting for longer term projects, based on cost and urgency.

Committee Projects

1. Donor and Volunteer list –

    No responses to the survey received yet, to look into presenting with a different format.

    To have this sent out in a separate email and Father to encourage the topic.

    John M. to talk with Terri to see if this can get posted on the website.

     Patrick L. to create donation and talents appeal email to be sent out.

2. Maintenance records/calendar/call list - Regular maintenance Items are being made as to replacing filters, boiler work, lubrication, etc. HVAC and boiler are two items that need regular attention and should be on a schedule. Phillip E. and Leroy              toured the campus and made a list of units and items needing routine maintenance.

     a. Leroy cleans the replaceable filters in the school A/C units 3-4 times/year

     b. Dick’s Heating and Cooling changes filters in the church A/C units 1 time/year

   Maintenance person to continue this work.   

3. Maintenance position – Fr. Hansen and Preston will propose to the Finance Committee that the Parish hires a part-time maintenance person. Travis and Preston provided a job description that could be used.

   Possible candidate and interview to follow.

Maintenance Issues

1. School

         a. Summer projects

             i. Science Lab - remove older cabinets with loose doors on the North wall, add additional electrical circuits for hot plates and paint the room.  Partially finished.

            ii. Remove lockers on 2nd floor hall and repaint.  Colors need to be determined by school staff. Lockers are removed and painting is underway.

           iii. Upper playground needs gate relocated to avoid unnecessary steps up and down.

           iv. Request for volunteers to be put on FB page. Going to request for volunteers to come through out the week.  And will continue working on it this coming Saturday the 16th and 30th.

2. Convent

3. Church/Grounds

   a. Boiler short cycling and heat in lower vestibule of church: Leroy, Travis and Jim (St. Mary’s) looked into this and came up with several possible reasons for this happening. It was determined that with warmer months approaching this will be take a           back seat to other items until the weather cools down again.

   b. Julie C. to grind the stumps,  Jeremy W. has contacted Dig-Rite.  Replacement of trees to be discussed after grinding.  Father to follow up on this.

   c. Leak in the living room of the rectory.  Possibly do a coating?  Maintenance person to follow up on.

   d. Curb outside ramp door to church.  There was an serious injury to a parishioner who tripped on the sidewalk on the Southwest corner of the property.  That section has been replaced but sidewalks and safety to be a priority.  Once overall plan for         campus is being worked on more sidewalk work pending this.

   e. Rectory Back Porch: The committee discussed hiring someone to demolish the porch. Also discussed using volunteers. A budget and task list for this needs to be proposed before proceeding with either route. After porch is removed, exterior                security doors and an ornate railing will need to be added. Need someone to manage the project before work can be started.  Father asked about changing one of the doors into a window. 

   f. Bat Removal – Bat transmitter isn’t working correctly.  Leroy to get it working again.  Need timer/photocell added in series with a switch?

   g. Front church doors need to either be refinished or replaced. Several ideas were thrown out, but nothing decided.  Father to talk with Josh Weaver.  Dan D. to be approached about repairing and coating options including painting.  Father Hansen           to send out an email.

   h. Rectory Steps have chipping at the surface: David Wyble will talk to Ashley Pfister to see if her dad can help replace/fix these like he fixed the steps near the Southeast church entrance.

    i. Tony Hernandez took it upon himself to do several repairs to the brick and brought his own lift.   Travis would like to thank Tony.

Capital Improvements

The Finance committee has approved the use of 1/3 of recent gifts for overdue maintenance.  Travis requested permission to spend $3,000 hire an architect to draw up a master plan for the campus, this plan would help guide priority of projects.  Request will be put out for donation to cover this expense.

1. ECC/School

     a. Roof: The committee met at the ECC prior to the April 4 meeting and looked at some of the spots where it was leaking. Leaks to be mapped out, then determination of local patch, partial replacement or full replacement can be made.  Discussion           was had on if the root cause of the problem is known (gutter, roof or combination) or not and who can determine this.  Suggestion to hiring an engineer to investigate it was made and determination to have Brandon Grooms consult was                       decided.

2. Convent

     a. Fr. Hansen provided an updated based on conversations with the Bishop, Mother Stella and local volunteer contractors (Herner, Nelson, Fitzpatrick). A contract had been signed with an Engineer out of Kansas City, but this is no longer valid.                  Plans are still in the works for a renovation possibly totaling $500,000 and will encompass a complete remodel of the 2nd floor.

     b. New architect hired

     c. Bishop approached K of C for help and Contractors Tom Nelson and Chris Herner are on board to help.

3. Church/Grounds

     a. Handicap accessibility for church and school, no time to discuss

     b. Parking, no time to discuss

     c. Gym, no time to discuss

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