Buildings and Grounds Committee

Meeting Minutes from October 3, 2022

The Cathedral of St. Joseph

Building & Grounds Committee Meeting 10/03/2022 (new notes in red)

Travis Unzicker (Chair), Leroy Davis, David Wyble, Philip Eiberger, Dan Hausman.

Opening Prayer

Energy Report

To be updated annually; not a current priority given other more urgent needs.  Possible task for someone to take on and work with utility companies to take advantage of incentivized programs

Budget Report

Need to start budgeting for longer term projects, based on cost and urgency.  The Finance committee has approved the use of 1/3 of recent gifts for overdue maintenance.  Need more transparency of actual budget, to be developed in time.

Enright foundation donating $86k for new playground equipment and “other” items.  Not specific about how much goes where.  This will also go towards new A/C units.  Potential $16k for playground equipment and rest comes after this is spent.

Ron needs credit card to purchase materials

Committee Projects

1. Donor and Volunteer list –

No responses to the survey received yet; to look into presenting with a different format.

To have this sent out in a separate email and Father to encourage the topic.

John M. to talk with Terri to see if this can get posted on the website.

Patrick L. to create donation and talents appeal email to be sent out.

Dan offered to look at the membership list and review it for know skilled tradesman.David W to share list of membership.

2. Maintenance records/calendar/call list - Regular maintenance Items are being made as to replacing filters, boiler work, lubrication, etc. HVAC and boiler are two items that need regular attention and should be on a schedule. Phillip E. and Leroy toured the campus and made a list of units and items needing routine maintenance.

     a. Leroy cleans the replaceable filters in the school A/C units 3-4 times/year

     b. Dick’s Heating and Cooling changes filters in the church A/C units 1 time/year

Ron to continue developing this work along with implementation of the maintenance software.  John M. to provide update of training/implementation of the software.

3. Master Plan for Campus – Donation of $3,000 was received to hire an architect to draw up a master plan for the campus; this plan would help guide priority of projects.  Thank you to the anonymous doner!  Travis met with Sarah and Father and have asked for a copy of the plans to share with the committee.

Maintenance Issues


     a. Floor replacement on second floor hall and other rooms?  Leroy says that our asbestos records indicate that it is on lower layers.  Needs to be evaluated by KC staff to qualify for free removal.  Need to start to make plans for replacement method, material, cost and timeline.

     b. AC Units, Ron is evaluating replacement needs

     c. Email from Kent

1. Bats - I checked with SFX and Darin Pollard said that they had someone come in about 10 years ago and go over everything, filling in holes, etc. to keep the bats out. He does not know of any device that is being used to help with that.

2. Campus Clean Up was held on Saturday, September 24th. Weeds were pulled and new mulch was spread around in the gardens by the library. The family of a new kindergartner was responsible for that. (One of the Spanish-speaking families, thanks to the Spanish email we have sent out.) Chris Smith, the father of Harrison and Henry Smith, helped me to tackle Isadore Street. The new 6th and 7th-grade teachers, Miss Badger and Miss Lobash, took care of the lower playground. They pulled weeds and power-washed the playground equipment. the 8th-grader. Damari Scott, helped Joe Lysight board up the storage garage behind the gym to help prevent break-ins. Ron Prawitz was on hand and supplied assistance with various aspects and put all equipment away when all was finished.

The upper playground equipment still needs to be power-washed at some point. We will probably need to access water from the basement of the convent in order to make that happen. We did not have enough hose to reach the rectory.

3. Leroy made sure that the new mulch was delivered and spread on the 3 playground areas before Hill Day. Ron has made some repairs to the swings and various other maintenance items on campus.

4. The new projector was installed in the science lab. That project is considered complete except for some science lab supplies that go with the new science curriculum which are on backorder. All classrooms have the new smart projectors and high-quality whiteboards.

5. Library Update. The Phillips family has painted the interior, removed the short wall and work table/desk, and installed new carpet squares. The interior feels brighter. A plaque will be mounted inside the library as part of the rededication and a sign will be placed on the outside of the building. It was decided by Miss Neumayr last year that the library should be dedicated and named the Robertson Library, in honor of Carolyn Robertson. We will schedule a dedication ceremony for after an All-school Mass at the end of this month.

6. Future School Projects -

AC Units - The bid we received will replace 13 units. (Some units have been replaced in the last 3-5 years.) We may consider replacing two additional units as they may be older than originally estimated. The bid was $19,378.00. Catherine Neumayr is having LeBlond check to see if they could use the old units in some of their classrooms. They would be better than nothing. These have not been ordered yet, but once I get a chance to call the guys back to ensure that they will do what we need, they will be placed on order. The cost is covered under the Enright Grant.

New Lighting and Wall of Honor - The light fixture between the locking ramp doors and the fire doors (landing of the west stairway, just outside of the girl's bathroom) is not meant for that ceiling height. The light is enough to travel through the hallway if it is dark out but does not provide enough light when it is cloudy outside. Miss Neumayr had all of the plaques removed from the Wall of Honor because you could not read them. I am proposing to create a shadow-box type of display to rehang the plaques and improve the lighting in that area. Cody Phillips was called in to provide information on the lighting options and can probably explain what I'm planning. I would like to work on this project during a period when the school is closed so that it has a 'WOW' effect.

7. No new immediate repair is needed at the school at this time. A $20k donation to the school was sent in earlier in the year. This is separate from the Enright Grant and will hopefully be used to replace the tile on the second floor next summer.

2. ECC

     a. Roof was looked at with Barnes Roofing and it was determined that overall the roof was in decent shape with plenty of life remaining.  Several small issues were identified.  Roofing system with snap on cap isn’t ideal, starter strip is exposed and had been replaced on one valley at one point, barn metal screws were used on TPO replacement, rubber boots have cracks, north center down spout was blocked, one location the TPO is loose, weep holes on starter strip have been “tared” over and multiple other small issues with metal such as fastening of the cap and local corrosion.  $10k quote to make repairs to all these issues was approved.  If any leaks remain after the more obvious repairs are made further trouble shooting will be done.

3. Convent

4. Church/Grounds

Snow removal needs to be contracted; plan is to go with same company as last year.

Boiler short cycling and heat in lower vestibule of church: Leroy, Travis and Jim (St. Mary’s) looked into this and came up with several possible reasons for this happening. It was determined that with warmer months approaching this will be take a back seat to other items until the weather cools down again.

Tree stump grinding on West sidewalks to be done in the coming months.  Replace of tree or new sidewalks to be determined with master plan.

Leak in the living room of the rectory.

Sidwalks and Curbs, - Have had two recent injuries from tripping incidents.  Deteriorated section on South West corner has been replaced thanks to Chris Herner!  All paved surfaces have had the uneven sections painted or patched until more new permanent replacement can be arranged.  Ron to contact mud jacking companies to raise settled sections. 

Bat Removal – Bat transmitter isn’t working correctly.  Leroy to get it working again.  Need timer/photocell added in series with a switch? Other options to be looked into. Kent to contact St. Francis on what they have done in the past.  Craig M. has been working on getting quotes to plug bat entry points.

Fire alarm for church.  Leak in system and would like to get overall system assessed.

Capital Improvements

Exterior projects to be identified with the campus master plan

     1. School

     2. ECC

     3. Convent

        a. Architect work should be done this week.  Contractors will do the base work and the KOC/Volunteers will do the rest.  Bishop has a $50k check ready for this project!

     4. Church/Grounds

        a. Rectory Back Porch: Budget and task list for this needs to be proposed before proceeding with removal.  After porch is removed, exterior security doors and an ornate railing will need to be added. Need someone to manage the project               before work can be started.

Requests to be made to Parish

1. The porch on the South side of the Rectory needs to be removed.  For this project, we are needing two storm security or exterior doors, an ornate wrought iron hand railing, demolition of the existing structure, and landscaping/lawn put back.  Anyone who would like to quote, donate or volunteer toward this project, please contact Travis Unzicker or the parish office.




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